Lorem ipsum: the curse of the dummy text

Lorem ipsum: the curse of the dummy text
30.11.2019, 19:30
200 uah

Jane PalashUX Writer at Canada Life, Toronto, ex UX Writer at MacPaw, Kiev.

Our habit of giving writers designs with dummy text ruins out products and screws up user experience. We'll talk about what questions to ask when you're trying to find the right words to fill in and how to bypass the traps that Lorem impsum sets up for you. And finally, how to insert yourself in the design process in such a way that dummy text won't be needed anymore.

— Why having Lorem Ipsum is bad for UX;
— How to create a process where your team won't need it;
— Until then, how to write good copy over dummy text;
— Microcopy: fitting in tight spaces.

This lecture will be of interest to: copywriters, UX writers, product designers, product owners, project managers, and even developers.

Language: English

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